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2008 Topless in the Mountains

Trillium Leaders...Bill Olijnyk & Debbie Miller

WPMC Leader....Steve Lapp

Saturday morning the clubs met at Ohiophyle.

Lulu getting a drink while we wait.

Hoping other two groups will arrive soon.

Seems like curves just went on & on.

Sun started to shine.

Hopefully no cars are coming.

What a ride!


Rest stop in Helvetia

Sunday morning ..ready for another day of zoomin.

Getting ready to get the Miatas on the road.

Debbie gives us our instructions for the day.

Steve got this photo on the way to Cass.

Arrival at Cass for our midmorning break.

Cass Stream Engine

Shot from Steve's Miata

Lunch by a river with great scenery

Dinner with good friends

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