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2008 In, Out, & About Taylor County Cruise

Cruise leaders...Colette & Paul Knoll

Colette giving the group safety rules.

Hitting the first twisty road.

Meandering roads through farm lands.

Serpentine roads...there were lots of those.

On & On

Roller Coaster Ride

Enjoying those WV country roads.

Entering Grafton...Home of Mother's Day &
Memorial Day

Mother's Day Statue

National Cementary

Tygart Dam

Nice to have some stretch time.

Tygart lake

We realized there was a Mason- Dixon Line down
the middle of the table. WV..South on left & Pa..
North on right

It was Karen's Birthday. Linda gave her a
strawberry shortcake to celebrate. We sang Happy
Birthday to her.

Karen certainly enjoyed her strawberry shortcake.

We are off to find a DQ.

Explored some twisties along the way.

DQ and some social time

Time to say Good By

Group Photo at Mother's Day Statue

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