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2011 Bedford Springs Start-Up Cruise

Pre-Cruise Meeting..anxious for the first
cruise of the season

One of the sights along Rt 30...Coffee Pot used
to be a restaurant

One of the last Art Deco Gas Stations still in

Bedford Springs

Linda telling history of Bedford Springs

Attentive group

Fran exploring the lobby

Members taking in the elegance of the Lobby

Little socializing

Shows different additions added over the years

Defibaugh Room in the original Stone House
It used to be a bedroom.

Members are interested in room's memorabilia.

Robbs on way to 1796 Restaurant Room

1796 Restaurant & memorabilia from Springs
early years

Framed Coverlet...not many of these left

Ron & Nancy looking at items in restaurant

They don't want to miss any of the memorabilia

Only 39 star flag, behind rgistration desk, flown
during Civil War. Never was an official 39 star flag

President Buchanan's desk for 40 years he stayed
at Resort. 1st telegraph sent on this desk

1st Telegraph message sent to Queen Elizabeth

Middle section of intricate central staircase

Fire pit in front lawn where guests gather at night

Photo taken from staircase

Photo taken from very top of staircase

Sky Light

Indoor pool filled with spring water.

New addition built in 2006 to house Spa

Different bottles used to hold spring water

Close up of a couple of bottles

Carving in window glass made by brides with their
diamonds in bygone years.

Another example of Bride's writing

Main spring at Resort

Here is the group.

Group on bridge over the Bridge

Time to leave

Our Miatas await

West Penn Miata Club * 3929 Murry Highlands Circle * Murrysville * PA * 15668