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2008 WPMC Picnic

Organizers...Jim & Janet Pfeiffer

Chow line

Busy eating all the good food.

Dessert is next then have to burn off the calories.

Betty tries her hand at Hula Hoop Toss with Wally
as driver.

Cynde gets the hoop up high.

Bill's hoop is alittle to left.

Lynnmarie's hoop looks like it might be a ringer.

Betty is intent on getting a ringer. Don is the driver
this time.

Fran is hopeful.

Linda's hoop went a little right.

Jaye has a unique method.

Bob's hoop was a little short.

Judy gave it her all.

Wes gave it a good shot.

John's hoop was a little off.

Laverne's aim was a little to left.

Juliette got a ringer.

Zack was going to make this one count.

Hula Hoop Winners ...Zack & Barb

Blind Bag Driver line up ...Wally is first.

Patrick is eyeing the spot.

Bob hopes he has better luck in this game.

Judy makes sure her car is lined up correctly.

Bill does a little peek a boo.

Cynde ...where is that line?

Jaye is driving cautiously.

Jim judges she is the closest.

Blind Bag Driver Winner...Barb

Time for the Balloon toss

Janet explains how to play to Bill & Juliette.

Not too many players left in the game

Balloon Toss Winners...Patrick & Judy

Four teams for sheet balloon toss

First set of players toss

Right back at you

Second set's turn

Pointing of fingers..Betty & Janet decide.

Here comes the balloons.

You can have it back.

Down to two teams

They missed.

Winners...John, Mary Jane, Jaye & Laverne

Hole in one winner...John - He doesn't play golf.

Door prize time

Nancy picks up her prize.

Fran & Linda trying to figure out how to fold
window shade

Fran accepting a prize for Harbaughs

Dorothy is very pleased with her prize.

Clean up..then home after another fun WPMC

West Penn Miata Club * 3929 Murry Highlands Circle * Murrysville * PA * 15668