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2008 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Organizer....Garry Matson

Marque of 2008 PVGP was Italian cars.

Miatas line up as they arrive.

Vintage Ford truck ...Red, White & Blue - Very


Rolls Royce


Personal Favorite

Porsche Speedster

George is making a DVD about WPMC.

Interviewing Mark about upgrades he made on his

Rainbow of colors under the trees

More have arrived

Some Miata owners stayed close to their cars.

That's some trailer Mercedes is pulling.

Linda wins a shirt at the State Farm booth.

View of one area of Schenley Park ...there were
plenty more.

Ran into old members, Murphys & Ennis,
watching qualifying trials

Jaye & Pat selling WPMC Store items & signing
up new members.

Group staying out of the sun. It was so hot that day
but cool under the tent.

Fran has never used a Porta Potty. She looks


Tow truck removes broken down car from the
street track.

Saturday qualifying trials

Classic, antique, & exotic cars race in PVGP.

PVGP is largest vintage car race in the nation.

The only race that is run on city streets.

Drivers consider PVGP race through Schenley
Park the most challenging race course worldwide.

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