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2008 Mountains & Wine Cruise

All 22 Miatas are lined up and ready to go.

Taking advantage of time before start of cruise to
catch up.

Safety Meeting

What a lineup of cars.

Another view

Regrouping before going over the mountain.

They're eager to zoom over the mountain.

Ah shade ahead

Line is staying together.

Karen & Bill seem to enjoy the roads.

Dave is always up for great twisties.

Restaurant...Time to make our tummies happy.

Where should we sit?

Sooner we sit, the sooner we eat.

Arrived at Walnut Hill Winery

Sam & Kathie welcome us to their winery.

Waiting to have their turn.

Making their choices of what wines to taste.

Juliette & Barb are enjoying their wine.

Vats used to ferment the wine.

Fran & Karen are happy and they didn't have any

Sprague & Pfeiffer rest in the shade while
waiting for the rest of the group.

Saying goodby to Sam, Kathie, & Al.

Miata train arrives at Raspberry Acres Winery.

Some enjoy cool breeze & others taste the wine.

Family dog welcomes us.

Beautiful setting.

Singing Happy Birthday to Bill McCullough.

Joe presents Bill with photo of train car he has to
find on train trip

They heard there was cake. .

Bill's Birthday cake being handed out.

Bill gets what's left of his cake. It seems it's his

Top off the day...to make Joe Happy

Dairy Queen.

Group Photo taken at Raspberry Acres Winery

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