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2008 Mercer County Cruise

The Crew...our leaders Cindy Foltz, Jim Pacillo,
Bryan Foltz & Cal Winchester.

Red seems to be the color of the day.

Pre Cruise Meeting.

MX-5 cookies were handed out.

Started off with some nice curves

Lot of hills & dales

Climb the hill

Up the curvy road

Wash board roads were a plenty.

Mini Horses

Hertha gets friendly with wooden Indian at rest

Amish are going fishing with boat on top of buggy
& the other boat being towed.

Passed an Amish buggy on next leg of cruise.

Jim looks like he is going to race thru tunnel.

Parked so we can see the canal.

Erie Extension Canal..explaining what we are
about to see.

Vera reminescing about swimming in water during

What remains of Lock #10.

Plaque explains about Raisch Log Cabin.

Group photo in front of cabin

Close up of group

Miatas line up in beautiful Buhl Park.

Miata Train going for ice cream.

Reward at end of cruise...ice cream.

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