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2008 Scenic Ligonier & The Iron Furnaces

Bill McCullough, Ed Concas, Rita Campbell &
Karen McCullough

Karen giving pre cruise information.

We are off.

It did rain a little in the beginning.

Cal is waiting for rest of the group.

Lively group at our 1st Iron Furnace, Laurel Hill
in New Florence.

Streams were really high that day.

Tree obstructed our passage but we managed to
get around it.

Big Turn Around

Closer view of maneuvering around the tree.

You can see the fog in the mountains.

View in Ross Mountain Park

Ross Iron Furnace in Ross Mountain Park

Group listening to Karen tell us about Ross

Joe inside Ross Furnace- Thanks to Jim

Pass by

Miata train drove by the Valley Furance.

Front View - Valley Furance

On our way to next furnace.

On our way we had to stop at the McLaughlin Pie

Karen got her goodies.

Ok, How many does it take to put air in a tire.
M3's air compressor does come in handy.

With the help of Karen's sister Rita we were
allowed on to Rocking Rock property. Cal going
through covered bridge.

Last Furnace...Group photo in front of California
Furnace on Rolling Rock property

Close up of group at California Furnace

Willis coming thru the Covered Bridge.

Water wheel located on Rolling Rock property.

Here is one of Mellon's horses playing in the water.

Lunch was at Denunzio's in the Latrobe Airport.

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