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2008 Rockshelter Digs Cruise

Onward...Our leaders Tom Sertik & his cousin
Janet Traub

Members checking out MX-5 at Moon Mazda
Dealership, our meeting place.

Bye bye Moon Mazda, we are off to investigate
prehistoric Digs.

Love those curvy roads

Little narrow thru here

Driving up the curvy entrance to Meadowcroft

Look what we found...a line up of vintage cars

Attentive group as they watch video of prehistoric
man's journey to new world

Rockshelter site shows area inhabited before
archeologist said it could have been.

Plaque speaks for itself.

Parking lot of Rockshelter...Miatas

Well it's a little trek up to the Rockshelter

Boulders around the Rockshelter

Hole where the chipmucks resided

Supports for the shelter rest on rocks that fell
thousands of years ago.

Group is investigating the dig site

Archaeological Site...Active dig

Another view...in upper right hand corner is the
old shelter.

Our guide explaining the site.

Close up of little white tags that mark where they
have found artifacts.

Site seen from above.

In the middle of photo you can see a bone

We visited the Indian village. Shelia is telling us
all about it.

This is called a Ramada, resting place. Sound

Dummy elk used for demonstration of Atlati
with the only spear that reached its mark.

Bryan used atlati, spear thrower, to catch the
evening meal.

Shelia, our guide, tries her hand.

Mary Ann gives it a try.

Hertha is determined to get this elk.

Joe decides he can do this.

Linda scends the spear on it way.

All those missed spears found a target on the

Bob was the only one who was able to bring
home the evening meal.

Atlati made everyone hungry.

Dan looks like he is still comtemplating how to
kill the elk.

Ordering from a menu seems like a better
idea than atlatiing your meal

Ok now we have time to socialize.

Restaurant definitely had a different decor.

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