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2009 Cruis'n and Groov'n with No time for Snooz'n

Doug & Candace ... our leaders

Catching up

First turn ...off to country roads

Up & over...where did they go?

Looks like line printer had a hard time keeping it

Passing by farm land

Cow is checking us out.

Started out cloudy

S curves

Into the woods


Over the river & up the mountain

Sun has come out.

Roller Coaster

We drove thru Amish country.

Pulling into Volant Mills parking lot

Miata lineup

Behind parking lot is a dam where people fly fish.

Part of group walking down Volant's streets

Dennis & Ruthann going back to parking lot.

Wally & Tyler deciding whether to go in store or

More great roads!

Greg & Cynthia making way back to parking lot.

Stores in Volant

Amish gentleman in his buggy. He was going
pretty fast.

Gathering for instructions on next leg of the cruise.

Snake curves...we just slithered along.

More curves

Time to eat..Leonard's was a great restaurant.

Rolling along wash board road

Sharp right

Hit n Miss Ice Cream place...looks like it burned

Oh Wow

Doug found us another ice cream place 3 miles

On the way home again

John, Shari, Wally & Tyler enjoying their ice

Group Picture

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