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2008 Covered Bridge Cruise

Jim & Janet...Our leaders for the Covered Bridge

Janet handing out information sheets among the
22 cars that are lined up.

Members catching up & meeting new members.

Able to catch photo of 19 of the 22 cars.

Wash Board Roads

Train enjoys the roads.

Rest Stop...We invaded Sheetz.

1st Covered Bridge..Turner Covered Bridge is 81'.
It was built in 1892 & is county owned.

Stuewes exiting covered bridge.

Steve & Dana demonstrating pastime of lovers
passing through covered bridge.

2nd bridge...Herline Coververed Bridge. 136' &
built in 1902.

Passing thru the longest covered bridge.
It is state owned

Claycomb Covered Bridge at entrance to Old
Bedford Village. Built 1880 & moved to present
location in 1975. County owned

Building of Bedford Village

22 Miata lineup at Village

Lunch at Apple Bin Restaurant.

Ray didn't get his lunch so Harry gave him his
half he didn't eat.

Then he provided Ray with half of his apple

Ryot Covered Bridge is 83 1/2 ' & is county

Following the Covered Bridge Trail

Ryor is a Burr truss Bridge.

We are out in the country.

Dr. Knisely's Covered Bridge...80' & privately

Time to go & investigate Gravity Hill

Some nice roads along the way

Car is in neutral on Gravity Hill. 1st frame..383

Last frame 392...check distance Miata traveled

Janet demonstrates water going up hill.

People waited their turn to try Gravity Hill.

Steve & Dana trying to make us believe it is really
an optical illusion.

Our last bridge is Colvin Covered Bridge. It is 66'
& county owned.

Pass by at Colvin Covered bridge .

Off on roller coaster roads.

Ice cream stop before heading home.

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