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2005 WPMC Christmas Party

Don Heim, Joy & Ray Calfo checking out presentation of 2005 in Review.

Steve, Bev & Bill socializing.

More socializing.

Ready to eat.

Eating doesn't seem to slow dinner conversation.

Dinner conversation.

They seem to be enjoying themselves.

Ok Joan, what is so funny?

They pose nicely.

Second course done. Where is the entree?

Joe with "Dusty the Magician" doing table tricks.

This piece of paper turns into a real rose for Marilee.

Pat & Clark showing Dusty's prediction.

Jeff Marak,from Billco, has a sword through his neck. I think he's afraid.

Love the hat Phil.

He did it.

TJ is checking out all the gifts.

We handed out gifts to Dealers. Sue is handing Ed Runco from Colonial his bag.

The Dealers that attended the Party.

Linda handed out Slide Show CDs of cruise leaders' cruises.

The cruise leaders that were present. We had 28 cruises & events for 2005. 17 were cruises & 11 were events. We had eight new cruise leaders & 7 seasoned leaders.

The President gave gifts to outgoing officers & event chairs. A gift was given to Steve, our editor, for all help & guidance given to Linda during her Presidency

Mark displayed Mazda's gift to us from his gift bag. It was an MX-5 2006 model car.

It's over. A little more socializing before going home.

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