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2009 Pittsburgh Auto Show

Colors for 2009 MX-5..Notice there is a
Competition Yellow color.

Linda is checking out the 2009 MX-5. Notice the
differences in the grill.

Steve & Joe with WPMC plaque

MX-5 got alot of admiring traffic.

Joe is discussing the MX-5 's attributes.

Checking out what is under the hood.

Joan & Bill answering questions of a interested

Solstice was highlighted at the show.

Raffle was being held for 1990 Triple Black

Smart car.. I think it's smaller than MX-5.

Rolls...it is a mere $399,980.

1989 Lamborghini

Steeler Plaques

Harley - Davidson display???

1952 Allard J2X...Raced in every PVGP since

1959 BMW Isetta...1 Cylinder motorcyle engine,
13 MPH, 60 MPG, only 160,000 produced

Mazda 3 & Subaru Impreza Gt prepped for racing.

Raced prepped...owner Baglier

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